Sand Sculpture WA created a magnificent sculpture for the Woolstores Shopping Centre, as part of the 2014 Fremantle Street Arts Festival.  Tim cleverly linked the themes of The Woolstores and Street Arts by creating a piece showcasing a troupe of acrobatic sheep being watched by a sheepdog audience. Three days of Sand sculpture lessons with Shani ensured shoppers with children were able occupied during the busy school holidays. Regular customers to the Woolstores enjoyed watching the sculpture evolve over the four days of its construction.

While we initially had some concerns about issues such as delivery of the sand and its removal the team from Sand Sculpture WA made sure everything ran smoothly.

We are very happy to recommend Sand Sculpture WA for other similar commissions

Woolstores Shopping Centre Manager


On behalf of the City of Greater Geraldton, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you provided in developing the Sand Sculpture workshops, competition and commission for our Australia Day Event.

We commend you and your associate artists on the efforts and professional matter on which you engaged with the City staff, the workshop participants and the general public. We received excellent feedback from out Australia Day working party and council on the success of the project, and attribute both your artist talents and your communication skills in dealing with the media and the public for how well the project was received.

We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the project and acknowledge your considerable input to achieving that success. We would be pleased to recommend you for future projects and hope that we can explore futher sand sculpture projects with your for the City of Greater Geraldton.

Steve Davidson – Community Development Officer. City of Greater Geraldton


For the second year in a row, we have had the team from ecoburbia/sand sculptures WA, come in and craft a sand sculpture for our annual “Creatures carnival”. The guys were very easy to deal with, and were able to provide us with exactly what we were after.

Both of the sculptures were an amazing talking piece, and were a large focus of the days. The set up and sculpting on the days prior also created a lot of buzz, and excitement which I feel drew even bigger crowds for the event and unveiling.

Overall the team were very easy to deal with, and open to consultation. It was a very pleasurable experience, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Little Creatures 2014


When Curtin asked master sand sculptor Tim Darby to come do a student engagement project to ‘build sand castles’… we knew little of the scale or complexity of this type of project.

As Portfolio Manager of Place Activation for Curtin University I just loved the idea of getting an engaging activity on campus that would create learning experiences while entertaining those who watched. However,  I had no idea how to achieve the outcome –  it was a hugely ambitious undertaking, with over 200 first year Architecture and Interior Architecture students to filter through a meaningful exercise.

With Tim Darby and Shani Graham of Sandsculpture WA, also of Ecoburbia, we certainly found out ‘how’ – they literally built us a super project from the ground up, feeding in project structure and learning outcomes from our academic coordinator. The logistics were huge – the planning and creation of how the project could work with such a large number of students, the amount of sand we were talking about trucking into our central lawn, determining and sourcing the tools and formwork we would need… all took intense focus and problem-solving from Sandsculpture WA.

Over two weeks Tim worked closely with students, guest lecturing, mentoring and demonstrating the craft of sculpting and its academic relation to form, construction and texture. He created an impressive sculptural piece on the steps of Curtin’s Architecture Building to inspire students on what they could achieve, as they set about researching and planning their own sculptural interpretations of famous buildings.

This inaugural project threw out many challenges that could easily derailed the project, which Tim and Shani skilfully navigated. Their work delivered a highly successful project that caught the eye of senior executive and academics, strengthening the case around the value of  combining student learning with engagement in place activation.

The hand-to-hand work Tim and Shani did with the students throughout the workshopping days was absolutely priceless – the value of the experience they created for our students is something we could never pay for.

Hillary Lambert, Portfolio Manager, Place Activation, Curtin University